Pallishree Limited

About Us

Pallishree limited and its sister concern Birbhum Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited together produces certified seeds of rice, wheat, jute, potato, cereals, pulses, oil seeds, vegetable seeds and fodder.

With production of over 50000 metric tons of certified paddy seeds and huge production of seeds of other crops, we are one of the largest supplier in the country.

Our wide network of distributors and dealers builds our largest marketing base not only in eastern India but also in the different parts of the country. When it comes to seeds, “Pallishree’s Sufala” is the most trustful name.


  • Sufala takes great pride in offering high quality seeds of all kinds from paddy to wheat, pulses, mustard, sesame, jute, potato, fodder , to premium vegetable seeds to its buyers nationwide.
  • Premium quality is the foundation of our brand "Sufala". Quality starts with our expert knowledge of local soils, micro climates, and the specific growing and product requirements of our customers. It continues with our constant search for breeding better seeds. It includes comparative prices and reliable supplies. And it is backed up by our company wide commitment to give every customer the very best seeds available.
  • Service is what demanding growers can expect from us. Like the close relationships we establish with each and every customer. Our ability to respond quickly with “house calls” to field or office whenever you need help makes us the most customer reliable company. Service for us means a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure your success in cultivation. We are dedicated to delivering seeds that yield far more healthy plants, higher volumes and greater profitability.

Research and Development


✓ To develop hybrids predominantly on Rice and Vegetables which can augment yield plateau.

✓ To develop Hybrids predominantly on Rice and Vegetables which can augment yield pleatu.

✓ To develop value added products which are qualitatively and nutritionallyimproved.

✓ Conservation of germplasms of all mandate crops to ensure success in its breeding programs.

✓ Maintenance Breeding and Breeder Seed Production.

✓ Standardizing production techniques of new pipe line products.


✓ The achievements of R & D team in crop breeding are initiated by the products developed by us and theforthcoming products.

✓ Our seed testing laboratory is involved to ensure supply of high quality seeds.

✓ Our products are beings splendidly accepted by farmers at field level in all mandate crops.

✓ We are dedicated to develop unique products on farmers demands.

Future outlook

✓ Advancement of technological skills and firsthand innovations has been in the forefront of the research wing.

✓ Presently, Pallishree is focused on developing and producing hybrids of all mandate crops.

✓ We have adopted new technologies in crop breeding like MAS and DNA Finger Printing.